Welcome to the corporate website of Tim Seeger GmbH.

Founded in 2009, Tim Seeger GmbH is a German private limited company that invests in premium domain names. Furthermore it develops and operates websites to enhance the value of its domain portfolio. The aim is to develop real web ventures instead of artificial content pages with integrated ad accumulations.

The company's CEO and sole owner, Tim Seeger posseses nearly nine years of experience in the domain trading and internet business (e.g. successful sales of values.com, investmentbanking.com and interpreter.com).

The current investment strategy comprises the purchase of English, German, Spanish and French .com domain names, as well as names with the .co.uk and .de extension to exploit growth opportunities and undervaluations.

If you are considering to sell premium domain names feel free to contact me. Likewise when you are interested to purchase a domain name of my company's portfolio.

Tim Seeger GmbH
Bergstr. 17
64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim

CEO and sole owner: Tim Seeger

Phone: +49 6257 680 38 46
Mobile: +49 176 211 38 176

Court of Registry: Amtsgericht Darmstadt HRB 88211

Fahrkarten.de & Fahrkarte.de
Tunen.de & Tunen.com
Livres.com (Books)
Bottes.com (Boots)

Corporate News

Tim Seeger GmbH bought the domain name valuable.com in November 2010. We are proud to announce today the successful sale of the name only four weeks after the acquisition. Ready for new investments.

Tim Seeger GmbH acquired Tunen.de and Tunen.com, a German translation of "Tuning". In combination with Cartuning.com we are developing a sophisticated bilingual pair of websites in the car tuning sphere. We are open for follow-up investements in the automotive market.

Tim Seeger GmbH sold Trikots.com and used the proceeds to purchase the domain name Cartuning.com. A perfect domain name to exploit the strength of the automobile sector and to cater the car styling and modification industry.

Tim Seeger GmbH closed the acquisition of Livres.com, the French word for "Books". In my opinion one of the strongest e-commerce keywords. Especially when you consider the progress of e-books and the development of appliances to read them everywhere. Also Bottes.com, French word for "Boots", will be part of the company's portfolio.

Initial investment stage (almost) concluded. At Friday Tim Seeger GmbH closed a deal to purchase a prime French e-commerce domain name. A colleague reminded me that the French domain market is not that liquid and developed. But the name represents any feature to call it a premium one. I am sure it is the perfect to build up a great venture in this sector. Time to learn French ;-)

Tim Seeger GmbH targets the German market. Within the last two weeks, five German names have been acquired. The names are Trikots.com (engl.: jerseys), Plugins.de, Linked.de, HartzIV.com (an unemployment benefit in Germany, named after a former Volkswagen executive) and Abschreibungen.net (engl.: Depreciations).

Tim Seeger GmbH accomplished the acquisition of the domain name Valuations.com. This purchase demonstrates the investment strength of the company and is the first step to set up a strong asset portfolio.

Tim Seeger's individual enterprise already owned Values.com (between 2007 and 2009) and Investmentbanking.com (between 2006 and 2007). The experience from these similar names will help to create a successful business around valuations.com.